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How Coworking Benefits Your Business

How Coworking Benefits Your Business

Coworking and collaborative spaces are popping up what seems like everywhere. From big-box names like Regus and WeWork to more niche spaces like The Wing, collaborative spaces offer community through collaboration and flexibility that a traditional office space just can’t deliver. 

But wait, what is coworking?

Coworking is a newer practice of working with a diverse group of people in a shared space. From remote workers to freelancers to entrepreneurs, coworking enables people from all professional backgrounds to collaborate in one space on their own time. 

Rather than working in a coffee shop or a home office, coworkers work in a shared space. Most spaces curate amenities to their coworkers. Things like meetups, free snacks or coffee, and fun community events are just some of the amenities that are a huge draw for coworkers looking to build their network or become more active in the local community. 

So how can coworking help you and your business?

Support other local businesses

Coworking spaces are full of local businesses that might be able to help out your startup or small business more directly. Tired of getting dodged by a freelancer across the country? You can follow up with your talent right in your space and feel good about supporting your local coworking community, too. Win-win!


In a coworking space, you gain a sense of community. It’s no secret that spending time with a group of people encourages teamwork and unity. Being able to see familiar faces and bounce ideas off of other like-minded entrepreneurs creates a positive and unique work environment that you can’t find anywhere else.


With a sense of community comes collaboration! Although those working in a coworking space have their own areas of expertise, having a place for entrepreneurs of all different realms to come together creates opportunities for diverse ideas and innovation. From tech companies to business consultants, a coworking space opens minds, boosts creativity, and builds teamwork.

New team members

Sometimes collaboration between peers in a coworking space can lead to something more… new team members! Working in a coworking space allows for entrepreneurs to collaborate with others who they may have never had the chance to cross paths with before. Being able to combine forces and recruit new team members is a win-win for both parties involved. Who knows, a new idea could even set off a new business!

Lower cost of business

Coworking spaces are typically cheaper than a corporate office. Particularly when it comes to individual entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses, renting an area in a coworking space saves money and allows for these individuals to focus their efforts on what they are passionate about. However, although it’s not your typical corporate office, a coworking space gives you all the same perks like a physical desk, a place to socialize and collaborate, and a postal address for clients to refer to. Lower cost of business, higher reward!

If you’re interested in renting in a coworking space, consider Headquarters Coworking and book a tour to learn more about how Headquarters Coworking is making a difference in the startup community!

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